Video Production

Atomic Cat Interactive was created with video production in mind. We have everything you would ever need for any kind of project.  From our 1,700 sq. ft. blue screen, 4K video cameras, drones, in-house recording studio for voice over, sound design and music composing, we are a one-stop-shop for any kind of video. Atomic Cat Interactive has created everything from commercials and TV Shows to Training Videos, Explainer Videos and more in our whisper-quiet air-conditioned production facility.

Our Blue Screen is MASSIVE!

At over 1,700 sq. ft. in size and over 23 ft. tall, our chroma key areas is large enough to drive a Box Truck into. Our custom created stage is modular and can be moved and stacked in any configuration we require.  The walls, ceiling and floor are all painted with specific chroma-key paint for a massive arc, great for large-scale special effects or for small to medium groups on stage.  Of course, we can also accomodate the lone speaker if need be.  Great for training videos, commercials, TV show special effects, etc. Our blue screen is likely the largest commercially available in Florida and quite possibly on the entire East Coast. We also employ a mobile green screen system when we are out of the studio and on the road.  In fact, almost all our hardware is mobile. 

Our 1,700 sq. ft. blue screen is perfect for special effects
4K Video Cameras

4K Video Cameras

At Atomic Cat Interactive, our main video cameras are 4K, some with removable lenses and others with fixes lenses.  We also have HD 3D, 4K Panoramic and 4K sports cameras for our productions.  Our main rig can record cinematic quality at 4K resolution, 120 FPS at 4:2:2. Our kit has all the main prime cinema lenses we would need for any shot. Housed in a removable matte box rig with follow focus with a Bogen tripod and a Manfrotto fluid head, it's as professional as it gets. Our second 4K camera is identical to our first, but with a fixed lens.  However, it allows us to record in 4K cinematic, 120 FPS, 4:2:2 with a zoom range of 30mm to 355mm.  The tripod and head are similar to our other rig. They both have 3G SDI jacks and can be used for broadcast in-house.

4K Drones

We employ 4K cinematic drones for outstanding aerial videography.  Using our UADs, we can get those impossible angles and incredible flight videos for a fraction of the cost of renting a small airplane or helicopter.  Our drones have 3-axis gimbals and on-board 4K professional cameras that can capture up to 120 FPS for incredible slow motion shots.

Our hexacopter gets those hard-to-get 4K shots
Cool lighting rigs don't make you perspire!

Cool Lighting Rigs

At Atomic Cat Interactive, we do everyrhing with client comfort in mind.  Our special cool lighting technology shines bright as the sun at 56K, but are cool to the touch.  So hours in front of the lights won't make you perspire. Not only are they perfect for our in-house productions, our lighting rigs are also mobile.  We can take them anywhere as long as electricity is available.

Mad Software

When creating our productions, we utilize cutting-edge software with a large library of transitions, effects, particles and more. We can edit video, composite chroma key, animation and video footage, create keys, titles, lower thirds, etc. We can render to any format at almost any resolution with a end-to-end 4K pipeline. We have all the experience necessary to not only film and edit your project, but to deploy it to the web, on any I/O device or upload it to the major networks.

Our video editing software is amazing!