The Team

Without a quality team of people, Atomic Cat Interactive would just be a building.  We are fortunate to have several professionals at the helm to steer productions into the awesome zone!

Brad Pate

Brad started working with State of Florida employees by offering benefits through payroll deduction. After a very successful tenure, he started his own company working with Federal employees by offering them insurance benefits and financial planning through payroll deduction. At the time, no one company in the country had ever been able to offer a broad range of insurance benefits and financial planning products to Federal employees through payroll deduction. Brad was told by many companies that offering a full portfolio to Federal employees through payroll was near impossible. That was all he needed to hear to start his own very successful business. In the summer of 2002, he had the opportunity to help start the “Inevitable Wealth” radio show, after the first year, the show changed its name to “Financial Planning for Life” to better convey what the radio show provides for the families in the Tampa, FL. area. What was different about this radio show was that it took live questions on the air. Most radio shows "screen" their calls to only take the calls they can answer. By talking all calls "live," we educated our listeners as well as sometimes educating ourselves as well. It's like the old saying, "you think you know it all until someone asks you a question". After three years, Brad left the show for the opportunity to travel the country conducting retirement/benefit seminars to Federal employees. Brad has helped other financial planning radio shows that need help dealing with the needs of Federal employees.

Brad - Atomic Cat Interactive Partner
Chelsi Stahr - Audio Engineer, VO Talent and Singer Extrordinaire

Chelsi Stahr

Chelsi has over 20+ years experience in the audio, photography and music industry. Starting as a radio talent in Utah, she increased her skills to become a tour de force in the voice-over space, working with some of the biggest businesses on the planet. Her fantastic eye for detail enables her to take professional photographs for media, websites and productions. Her vast experience allows her to create compelling content that effectively reaches viewers and increases brand awareness. Using the right mix of audio, in-house media and marketing knowledge, she will tell your story and make it engaging, entertaining and powerful!

Mike Felker

For many years, he performed graphic design services for customers in his Dad's print shop. Before the age of 30, he owned and operated a printing company of his own, as well as two different computer repair and installation businesses over the years. Mike learned to program at the age of 10 and is currently certified in over 20 web and software languages. In the 1990's, he started programming custom websites and has not stopped since. Along with his graphic design, video, photography and interactive media skills he has perfected over the years, he has created websites and products for business large and small.He worked for many years for various video production companies and worked freelance as a videographer where he learned his craft.  Later, he met and worked with an emmy award-winning producer on his sports productions, creating everything from commercials, PSA's, Training Videos to TV shows. Mike's unique coding, graphics, audio, video, music and software skills allow him to create 2D and 3D games as a one-man team if necessary. All his life, Mike has composed music and has had many successful pieces on radio and TV. An award winning composer, he currently has over 700 scores and continues to compose music for TV, Multimedia and Websites

Mike Felker - Chief Creative Scientist