Audio Production

With an in-house fully sound-treated recording studio, legendary microphones, oscar award winning technology at our disposal and an end-to-end digital pipeline, our audio productions are not only perfection, they are significant.

Recording Studio

Atomic Cat Interactive has a fully sound-treated space for recording everything from voice overs to motivational speakers to entire choirs. Together with our world class microphones, we can create stunningly clean audio for your production! Our large recording room can fit over 20 people with 20 mics/inputs to our digital pipeline.  Audio goes from our recording space to our digital mixer directly into our recording computer for sound so clean, we have to inject noise for it to sound realistic!

Atomic Cat Interactive's Recording Studio
We use the AGK C414


Atomic Cat Interactive has every kind of microphone for every type of recording.  We utilize the legendary AGK C414 for normal recording, such as VOs, sound effects, solo artists and more.  We also have mics from brands such as Shure (beta 58, sm57), Sennheiser (804e, 904e), AKG (c414, 214), Rhode (NTG4, NTG2) and more.  We also utilize drum mics, intrument mics, shotgun mics, 3D mics, wireless mics, lavs and more.  If a mic is needed, we likely use it.

Digital Mixers

We utilize various digital mixers to capture and mix sound. For recording, we utilize Korg mixers with hard drives and as many as 32 channels of recording at one time. For production, we use the X32 digital mixer system, with as many as 64 channels of pristine audio recording at once, comprehensive routing, mixing and amazing flying fader recall.

We use excellend digital mixers for super-clean sound
We use DAWs such as Studio One Pro 3 and Nuendo 8

Digital Audio Workstations

At Atomic Cat Interactive, we rely heavily on Digital Audio Workstations, or DAWs.  We use the most stable and cutting edge software available.  In production, we use Steinberg Nuendo 8 and in our recording studio, we utilize Presonus Studio One Pro 3.  Available to us on every track is Oscar award-winning Celemony Melodyne technology.


Atomic Cat Interactive owns outboard effects hardware, such as Presonus compressor/limiter/gate, Lexicon Reverb and Manley mastering rack mount gear.  We also own thousands of virtual effects that we use in-software to shape the sound any way we want to. We also own hundreds of virtual instruments and terabytes of sample collections for every possible scenerio.

Studio One Pro 3 in use at Atomic Cat Interactive