Located in sunny Dade City Florida, we are a full service production house with a 1,700 sq. ft. blue screen / white screen, 4K cinematic cameras with prime lenses, 4K serious drones, professional photography cameras, motion capture and VR hardware and dedicated offices for video production, audio production, animation, multimedia, website design, mobile app and custom programming.

Video Production

If you are in need of a video production, such as a commercial, training video series, product videos, etc, we've got you covered.  We shoot in 4K and have every kind of camera you can think of. Our 1,700 sq. ft. production room is complete with a massive blue screen with stage big enough to drive a Hummer on. We can add any kind of keys, graphics, chromakey and more.

Atomic Cat Interactive's Massive Blue Screen
Serious Audio Production

Audio Production

Our audio production suite is full-featured and state-of-the-art.  We employ legendary microphones used by the largest studios, digital audio recorders and direct to computer recording with unlimited tracks.  All the virtual effects and instruments you'd ever need as well as mobile field recording solutions.


From product shots and catalogs to real-estate listings and sporting events, we can shoot it.  Our cameras are high end and we have lenses for every possible situation or need.  Whether in the studio in our dedicated white area or on the go, you can trust Atomic Cat Interactive with all of your photography needs.

Atomic Cat Interactive Professional Photography
AAA 3D Game Engines at our disposal

2D and 3D Games

We all love to play games, but how about creating them.  Well, Atomic Cat Interactive's 4,000 sq. ft. facility was built to create games.  From our video and audio production rooms to our sound effects and music composing areas, we can create every facet of a game, no matter how simple or complex. Our software and hardware is cutting edge and up to the task.  From our motion capture suits, virtual reality hardware, graphics and animation software to our varied AAA 3D game and 2D game engines, we can get the job done!


Every business uses multimedia, you just may not realize it.  We create multimedia in all of its forms, from Powerpoint presentations, explainer videos, white-board videos to interactive video presentations, kiosks and training videos for every screen size. Let us create your next blockbuster presentation.

We create all types of multimedia presentations

Website Design

Today, a company without a good or any website may suffer from gaining clientele or being taken seriously.  We create RESPONSIVE websites with SEO in mind.  Our sites not only look amazing, they are properly coded and get FOUND!  We program in all the necessary web languages, from HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, to AJAX, JQuery, PHP and MySQL. Namely, we can create the website of your dreams! 

Mobile Apps

There is no denying that just about everyone owns a mobile smart phone.  One of the best ways of reaching that massive number of people is through your company's very own custom mobile app or game.  Atomic Cat Interactive can create a custom mobile app for you, from a productivity or graphic app to a full-fledged mobile game with your company front and center.

Atomic Cat Interactive creates custom mobile apps and games
Atomic Cat Interactive creates all kinds of custom software and databases


Atomic Cat Creative can custom create any project you require, from a business-in-a-box browser-based application to a complete full-functioning database.  We program in a wide variety of languages utilizing a code-once-deploy-many.  Namely, we can custom code a application and deploy it to PC, Mac, Linux, IOS, Android and others.

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